What Is PLR And Why Should You Care?


PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Not sure of what that means? Why should you care? Let me explain. You may not have considered this before, but if you’ve bought any digital product, software, ebooks or music, chances are that product came with some kind of rights attached to it.

Usually, you get what’s commonly referred to as “personal rights”. Which means you can use the product, but you can’t sell or give it away for free. But there are some products that come with what’s called resell rights. These give you the right to use and sell the product to others.

There are also products that come with what’s called Master Resell Rights. Master Resell rights give you license to use, sell and pass on the same rights to your customers as well.

Then come Private Label Rights or PLR. PLR products, typically articles, are a special type of right or license which you can purchase or receive freely which legally allow you to edit and publish the article or product as your own. As I well know, keeping content creation flowing on a regular basis is not always easy to do. PLR articles can help to keep that flow moving.

But here’s why you should care.

PLR is one way to make money with the least effort possible. It is possible to set up a blog with PLR material, pump them out as content once a day and offer a free PLR ebook to build an subscriber list. By monetizing a blog with advertising and offering other related affiliate products to your subscribers correctly, a blog can turn you a profit every month. This is not to say one can just grab any product with PLR rights, slap it on a blog and watch the money train roll in, because it’s likely someone has already beat you to the punch. To effectively utilize PLR material, you must mold it and make it your own. Private label rights give you the opportunity to re-purpose content, publish them in article directories like EzineArticles building both links and traffic to a site.

Remember, PLR isn’t just for use as sources for blog posts. Strung together PLR articles can easily form the basis of both a free report and/or autoresponder course that you can use to build your subscriber list. Finally, anytime you find yourself at a loss for words and need some fresh content, PLR sources can save you time, money and a lot of head scratching.