Types of Timber Flooring Solutions for Your Melbourne

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Wooden flooring is becoming very common in Melbourne. Most people love them because they are beautiful and durable. Wood is among the best floor material as long as you get an excellent timber flooring company in Melbourne to do your floor. Additionally, the company should have the right installation equipment to deliver high results. You should also make sure that the supplier offers high-quality flooring material. Here are some of the wood flooring solutions you can install in your Melbourne home. You can choose one depending on your consumption needs, budget, and personal preferences.

Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood is timber that is in its pure form. You can cut it from one piece of hard or soft wood. Solid wood has a broad range of available finishes like making use of oil, lacquer, paint, or varnish. This option is highly durable even though it’s costly to maintain as it requires refinishing every five to eight years. Going for a company that offers parquetry in Melbourne can also assist in enhancing the aesthetic features of your wall.

Timber Floors

Timber flooring does not only focus on enhancing the value of your home like other flooring options. The option also gives you access to low maintenance and costs in the long run. Most people who suffer from allergies also find timber flooring to be the idea option. The floor is durable even though it attracts high maintenance costs that come in the form of refinishing after every five to eight years. However, these floors are not applicable for highly moisturized areas as they tend to wrap over time because they are highly porous. The boards may also have to acclimatize which makes fitting to take a longer time. There are various kinds of timber that you can use for this kind of technique. Most home owners in Melbourne love oak flooring because it is durable and beautiful.

Timber Floors Vs Laminate Floors

Laminate floors comprise of high density fiber boards that either make use of wholly synthetic material or mix them with natural materials and cover with melanin resin and a decorative layer and can last for 20 years. It’s advisable that you get a guarantee of at least ten years upon purchase. You will find several effects on the market and all of them resemble real wood and can either be continuous, high, or direct pressure laminate.

Eco-Friendly or Sustainability Timber Flooring

Most timber flooring companies in Melbourne have been using this design for a while. Sustainable forestry remains top on the ecological agenda which makes it very hard to buy conscientiously. Make sure that your supplier can trace the origin of his or her timber. We have to preserve the environment as we strive to create beautiful and durable floors. The international sustainability agencies should also authorize the origin of the timber. A good example of these organizations includes the Forestry Stewardship Council. Get to understand the one that operates in your region and confirm whether your timber supplier complies. Some of the regions that have good sustainability programs include Canada, Western Europe and North America.