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SEO Audit checks are the first step in SEO. They are a study of the site, which allows SEO specialist to see where your site needs improvement. Most companies which offer SEO services also provide a free SEO check. Within a few days, the results of the free SEO check are available, bringing concrete information on the current state of your website or online store. Technical SEO Malaysia check of a site presents data on issues such as – onsite optimisation, the loading time of the pages, the presence in social media, blogging and backlinks. In other words, through SEO checks you will receive information such as the number of pages indexed by Google; errors of meta tags (descriptions, titles); optimizing images on the site; the number of backlinks to your domain; related blog articles distributed in social networking; social media site activity; grades for authority and site popularity, etc. All these elements will eventually form a complete score through the website SEO check.

SEO Check

Benefits of SEO checks include:

Optimising content – Optimising content of a website is a very important aspect when it comes to the success of a strategy for search engine optimisation. That is because search engines index new and unique content. In addition to quality content, it is important to optimise the source code (HTML) of the site. Issues such as meta tags, headings, links and algorithms are extremely important factors when it comes to search engines results. All these elements can be found through free SEO checks. But the content of a website is not just for Google, Yahoo or Bing. A well-designed content will not only help improve the position in search results but will help convert visitors into customers.

Link Building – The process of building relevant links from other websites is a very complex one. A technical SEO check will help you find out how many relevant links your site has. SEO services include various processes and techniques aimed at attracting relevant links to your site to increase its position in search engine results. Good quality links are a crucial factor in determining the position in search results, but the process to get such links from other sites is a long one, and speeding it can be damaging. Appealing to a team of professionals works so that your results will be lasting. After undertaking a free SEO check, an SEO team will know exactly where the site needs improvements.

Credibility and Market Acuity
When users see you appear among their top in their search list, this gives them the imprint that you are the best among your class. SEO check assists you to gain a respectable acuity from prospective clients.

Articles and press releases – Information constructed properly can spread very quickly on the Internet, and also attract audiences who are interested in the message they convey. SEO checks can give you an idea of how you’re your information is built up. Moreover, through an article or a press release well thought out, you can also attract backlinks (links from external sources), which have a significant effect on the advancement in search engine results. Remember: the SEO checks is just the beginning of a long and complex process, which can make your business successful.


This can be seen both from the far end of the search engine and the internet users. Search engines will always lead readers or clients to highly correlated sites. SEO check surges your visibility on the internet so you can get to your target readers or market.

Now you do not require a big bank account or a large number of employees to make your company a success.